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Portable outrigger pad Environmentally friendly polymer polyethylene pump truck outrigger pad

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Portable outrigger pad Environmentally friendly polymer polyethylene pump truck outrigger pad

Performance of Portable outrigger pad Environmentally friendly polymer polyethylene pump truck outrigger pad :

1. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet has extremely high impact strength, which is 10 times greater than nylon and polypropylene (PP);

2. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet has excellent wear resistance. The mortar wear test shows that it is several times more wear-resistant than ordinary carbon steel and copper, and 4-5 times more wear-resistant than nylon and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). existing plastics;

3. The friction coefficient of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene liner is very low, and its dynamic friction coefficient is 0.07-0.10, which can be compared with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), and it is an ideal self-lubricating material.

4. The high molecular polyethylene sheet can absorb vibration and shock and prevent noise;

5. Polyethylene sheets are resistant to chemical corrosion and can shield atomic radiation. Various corrosive media such as many corrosive media (acid, alkali, salt) and organic solvents are helpless to it within a certain temperature and concentration range;

6. Ultra-high molecular polyethylene board is not easy to adhere to foreign matter, and has excellent anti-adhesion characteristics when sliding;

7. Tasteless, non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, and non-corrosive in itself, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) allow it to be used in direct contact with food and drugs, so it is suitable for Food, medicine and other industries that require high hygiene conditions. It can be recycled and reused. Compared with other plastics, it has good thermal stability and non-water absorption. The product will not change its size due to water absorption in a humid environment, and it will not affect the precision and wear resistance of the product. Mechanical properties such as durability, and raw materials do not need to be dried before molding.

8. The working temperature range can be from -265°C to +100°C, and it can still maintain good toughness and strength at low temperature to -195°C without embrittlement

The outrigger plate of the pump truck is a kind of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene engineering plastic with constant bending. The outrigger plate is mainly used to pad under the outriggers of construction machinery and play a supporting role. The outrigger backing plate has high strength and rigidity, which can reduce the deformation of the backing plate body when the force is applied, and provide more stable supporting force for construction machinery. Greatly save the cost of use and improve the quality of work. The outrigger pad is composed of a plate-shaped backing plate body and a hand rope. The plate-shaped backing plate body is made of UHMW/HDPE polymer composite material. The four corners of the backing plate are supported by 60mm, and the pressure is above 15-18 tons/cm2, which can be used normally in harsh environments, and it will bend without breaking when overloaded. The hand rope is made of nylon, and the end of the hand rope is embedded in the body of the backing plate for easy transportation and deployment.

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It have excellent wear resistance, low temperature impact resistance, selflubricating, nontoxic, water resistance, chemical resistance, and heat resistant, they are superior to general PE. It can be widely used to impact resistance, wearresistant, corrosionresistant, nonsticking, reduce noise, and high hygiene requirements of industrial mining field. It can greatly reduce operatingcosts of the equipment and maintenance, at the same time improve overall economic benefits.
HDPE Sheet is a semi-crystalline, thermoplastic engineering material with high toughness and good low-temperature properties. Customization is available for different specifications and performances to serve different applications.
We can make different UHMWPE Sheet according to different application .Like anti-UV resistant anti-static and with other characters , Best quality with good surface and color make our UHMWPE sheet more and more popular all over the world.
Uhmwpe marine dock bumper pad could avoid the impact damage between ships and dock . Because of the pe plastic marine fender face pad fender high impact resistance performance, HDPE / UHMWPE marine dock bumper pads instead of the traditional steel ones is widely used in ports and docks at home and abroad.
Langrui engineered plastic cribbing plates and outrigger pads are lightweight, strong, and solid designed tu support your crane, and can be easily handled and positioned byp one persn or two. It can not be warped like wood or corroded like steel. It won't break in the long guaranteed time and obviously could not attract thieves.
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