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Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene UHMWPE Sheets

We can make different UHMWPE Sheet according to different application .Like anti-UV resistant anti-static and with other characters , Best quality with good surface and color make our UHMWPE sheet more and more popular all over the world.

UHMWPE Sheets is a kind of polyethylene with a molecular weight of more than 3 million, making it far superior to any other thermoplastic for wear resistance, and by far one of densest polymers available, outperforming even carbon steel for wear applications.

Properties of UHMWPE Sheets:

--Highest abrasion resistance of any polymer, 6 times more wear resistant than steel

--Anti-Weather & Anti-Aging

--Self-lubricating, Very low coefficient of friction

--Excellent chemical & corrosion resistant

--superior impact resistant, Noise- absorption, Vibration-absorption

--High tensile Strength

--Non-Toxic and smell

--UV resistance

--Flame Retardant; Relatively low in water absorption

--Excellent electrical properties

--Good performance in resisting environment stress crack, 200 times of ordinary PE

--No adhesion  

--Light weight and easier to handle and fix

--Cost efficient; Resulting in low energy consumption

--Does not rot, split or crack; 100% recyclable

--Great liner material for industrial material handling applications

--Easy Reprocessed  plastic ground protection mat

-Creats an instant roadway over virtually any type of terrain – mud, sand, marshy, uneven or soft terrain

- Extremely durable to withstand vehicle weights up to 80 tons

- Tested in extremes of hot and cold climates

Product Description:

With semi-finished products made of HMWPE PE500 grade,we offer you amaterial which, thanks to its characteristics, quality and price, is the first choice for many applications. Particularly in the food industry and in sports centre construction, PE500 does an excellent job with its impact strength and insulating properties – and that at competitive costs.PE500 complies in full with all applicable regulations for contact with food. In addition to its use as a cutting board, as lining or as impact protection, it is also useful in other applications, for example in machine construction.

Size of UHMWPE Sheets:  

2000X1000X(10-100)MM 2200X2000X(10-100)MM 2300X1200X(10-150)MM 2500X1300X(10-150)MM 3000X1500X(10-200)MM 3050X1220X(10-60)MM 4500X2000X(10-100)MM 4700X1200X(10-150)MM 5000X1300X(10-150)MM

Color of UHMWPE Sheets:virgin ,Black ,Green ,Yellow , Blue ,Orange and other color

Customized white pehdpeuhmwpe sheetboardpanel with cheap priceSelf lubricating Surface Corrosion Resistance HDPE Polyethylene PE1000 UHMW Sheet board plate padsBlack Thick Plastic Uhmw PE Sheet Uhmwpe BoardPE PanelHDPE Pad Plate Panel100% UHMW PE raw material white and black UHMW PE sheet board plate


Hot Products

It have excellent wear resistance, low temperature impact resistance, selflubricating, nontoxic, water resistance, chemical resistance, and heat resistant, they are superior to general PE. It can be widely used to impact resistance, wearresistant, corrosionresistant, nonsticking, reduce noise, and high hygiene requirements of industrial mining field. It can greatly reduce operatingcosts of the equipment and maintenance, at the same time improve overall economic benefits.
HDPE Sheet is a semi-crystalline, thermoplastic engineering material with high toughness and good low-temperature properties. Customization is available for different specifications and performances to serve different applications.
We can make different UHMWPE Sheet according to different application .Like anti-UV resistant anti-static and with other characters , Best quality with good surface and color make our UHMWPE sheet more and more popular all over the world.
Uhmwpe marine dock bumper pad could avoid the impact damage between ships and dock . Because of the pe plastic marine fender face pad fender high impact resistance performance, HDPE / UHMWPE marine dock bumper pads instead of the traditional steel ones is widely used in ports and docks at home and abroad.
Langrui engineered plastic cribbing plates and outrigger pads are lightweight, strong, and solid designed tu support your crane, and can be easily handled and positioned byp one persn or two. It can not be warped like wood or corroded like steel. It won't break in the long guaranteed time and obviously could not attract thieves.
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