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What material is polyethylene board made of?

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Is it better to use PP board or PE board for plastic hot water tank?


The plastic water tank made of PE material is usually translucent white waxy, which is what people usually call milky white, without gaps, one-time molding by rotational molding, and good sealing performance. In addition, the whole water tank has no smell, non-toxic, and easy to clean. , light weigh
HDPE board is a common product


Before using HDPE boards, installation is more important and cannot be ignored. This is also an important prerequisite for improving the use value of HDPE boards' wear resistance. Generally, the wear-resistant coal lining board is fixed on the steel structure by welding bolt method. The reason for t
What are the outstanding applications of PE sheet in different fields?


The role of HDPE board pe sheet in different fields:The application of food machinery packaging machinery has the advantages of self-lubrication and corrosion resistance. It is mainly made of silencer star wheels, gears, worms, guide rails, sliders, baffles, impact plates and other parts.The use of
Application Analysis of Polyethylene Sheet in Aerospace


Polyethylene board is the plastic king of plastic products. Polyethylene board is an engineering plastic with superior performance. Its characteristics are superior to other plastic products. It is the plastic king of plastic products. Very low friction coefficient, good self-lubricating performance
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