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What material is polyethylene board made of?

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What material is polyethylene board made of?

Many materials are used in decoration, among which polyethylene sheet is a popular material in recent years, and many people do not understand it. So what is the material of polyethylene sheet? How to choose polyethylene sheet? Let's take a look together!

What is the material of polyethylene sheet:

Polyethylene board, also called PE board, is a resin with high crystallinity. Odorless and non-toxic, it feels like wax. It has excellent low temperature resistance and can be used at minus 70 to 100 degrees. Moreover, it has stable chemical properties, acid and alkali resistance, and will not dissolve in solvents at room temperature, and has good electrical insulation properties.

How to choose polyethylene sheet:

1. First of all, when choosing, it depends on its appearance. A good polyethylene board, no matter what color it is, the color will be uniform and smooth, and there will be no turbidity or agglomeration. On the contrary, if the surface is not smooth and has a sense of friction, it may be made of impure materials.

2. Secondly, when choosing polyethylene sheet, pay attention to its water absorption rate. A good sheet has a low water absorption rate, and what is poured on the sheet will not flow down or accumulate. In addition, when purchasing boards, pay attention to the manufacturer and price, and do not buy low-quality products made of recycled materials for the sake of cheap prices.

3. Next, when choosing a board, it depends on its specific gravity. The specific gravity of a good board is 0.93-0.95. Because of its low density, it can float on the water. However, if the board is not pure, it will be heavier and easy to sink to the bottom of the water. In addition, a good board will not melt or deform at a high temperature of 200 degrees. On the contrary, it becomes soft and deformed.

4. Finally, when selecting a plate, you can check the edge. The edge of a good plate is round and evenly intersected, on the contrary, there are cracks on the edge, and slag will fall off when the edge is heated.

Hot Products

It have excellent wear resistance, low temperature impact resistance, selflubricating, nontoxic, water resistance, chemical resistance, and heat resistant, they are superior to general PE. It can be widely used to impact resistance, wearresistant, corrosionresistant, nonsticking, reduce noise, and high hygiene requirements of industrial mining field. It can greatly reduce operatingcosts of the equipment and maintenance, at the same time improve overall economic benefits.
HDPE Sheet is a semi-crystalline, thermoplastic engineering material with high toughness and good low-temperature properties. Customization is available for different specifications and performances to serve different applications.
We can make different UHMWPE Sheet according to different application .Like anti-UV resistant anti-static and with other characters , Best quality with good surface and color make our UHMWPE sheet more and more popular all over the world.
Uhmwpe marine dock bumper pad could avoid the impact damage between ships and dock . Because of the pe plastic marine fender face pad fender high impact resistance performance, HDPE / UHMWPE marine dock bumper pads instead of the traditional steel ones is widely used in ports and docks at home and abroad.
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